Industry-leading demand forecasting
for grocers

More on-shelf availability. Less food waste.


Daily, SKU-level predictions for all your departments

Our industry-leading algorithm solves your most expensive problem: accurately forecasting and ordering thousands of SKUs every day.


Near-perfect predictions in our customers' stores

We can do the same for your stores too. And we'll prove it with a trial on your past sales data.


Cut food waste

When you know exactly how much you'll sell in the future, you don't need to over-order.

Increase revenue

Fuller shelves. More sales. Improved customer loyalty.

Reduce mistakes

Put an end to ordering mistakes caused by manually adjusting for promotions or holidays.


We capture the real-world events driving your demand

We combine cutting-edge machine learning technology with hundreds of external data points tailored to your stores: weather, sports, tourism, health indicators, local demographics, nearby events, store layout, and much more.


Empower your store teams with more information

We can identify which real-world variables are affecting your demand. Our predictions aren’t a blackbox — we tell you things like “this 20% increase is because there’s a conference happening nearby.”