Integrate Guac's demand forecasts into your ordering process

Our 3-step process to optimize your inventory.

Step 1

We customize our algorithm because we know each store is different

Your demand drastically fluctuates based on what’s happening in the real world — like if it’s raining, or if there’s a sports match near your store, or if there’s a parent-teacher conference at a local school.

We capture all of these local events in our forecasting. In fact, we’ve built a library of hundreds of data sets, so that our algorithm can understand your shoppers better than anyone else.

Step 2

We send you ready-to-use order quantities

We take our hyper-accurate SKU sales forecasts and convert them into actionable ordering quantities.

We take into account current inventory, supplier lead times, and SKU shelf life
We convert between units, cases, and weights
Step 3

We integrate with your existing ordering systems

Whether you use spreadsheets, an internal software system, or an ERP platform, we fit our ordering recommendations into your systems and workflows, instead of forcing you to uproot your setup to fit into ours.

Get started with a demo

See results before committing time or money

We take in your POS and ordering data

We can take the data in any format — our proprietary data ingestion and processing pipeline means we can be agnostic to format.

We customize our prediction algorithm for your stores

This usually takes 2-3 weeks - we add in data points that are specifically tailored to your stores and regions.

We show you how much you would have saved

We'll run our algorithm on your historical sales data to show you how accurate we are and how much profit you can generate with us.